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Welcome to Freitek's new website. Our new electronic ordering system in the public sales department is currently down.

FreiTek, Incorporated, or FI is a new production faction built from former members of Incom. FreiTek is striving to become the best ship producer in the galaxy. Starting with only a shell that the NR left FreiTek with, we are growing faster than anyone expected of us. We currently have two production areas: one in the south and another in northern part of the galaxy. FreiTek ventures for QoS (Quality of Service) for our guests and we do what we can to provide client satisfaction. FreiTek is here to help the little guy become successful in the galaxy today by setting our prices so our guests can buy our product for lower than market prices and providing faster than light service. To achieve a faster than light service, we have set up a new electronic ordering system that notifies the public sales department through e-mail that an order has been placed, when we have it online.